Etched in Tradition



Here at Etched in Tradition, we make it simple to enhance the look and emotional response of any gift. Having an item engraved is a great way to add a personal touch, create an heirloom out of a piece from your personal collection, or to recognize someone’s dedicated service to a particular cause. Below are the different engraving methods that we choose between depending on the needs of the item.

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Diamond Tip Engraving

Our diamond tip engraving cleanly cuts into virtually all metals whether a plate for a plaque, the inside of a wedding band, or a pewter julep cup. The depth of cut provided by a diamond tip engraver gives the finish of a hand engraved piece with the accuracy of the Signature Engraving system.



Sandblasting is used to etch on glass, stone, plastic and certain metals. Unlike the diamond tip engraving this method results in a frosted finish. The process of sandblasting takes several additional steps when compared to our other methods and therefore takes a little more time. The results are incredibly detailed making it a perfect way to add a logo to an glass award, a monogram to a stainless tumbler, or a special inscription onto a set of marble bookends.


Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving allows precise engraving on both plastic and wood. Using a tool that rotates and cuts has unique benefits including cutting into the surface reveals the underlying details of a piece as well as particular surfaces handle the sharp finish of the rotary tool much better than the diamond tip. This method is great for name plates and wood carving.

Foil Transfer

The foil transfer method is preferred while working with leather. With several color options to match the color of the leather, and the hardware that may be found on the piece. Example items include: Journals, Bibles, Wallets, Portfolios, and Toiletry Bags.