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Etched in Tradition was founded April 2015 in Athens, Georgia. Throughout this time it has become clear that the significance of engraving is larger than we could have ever expected. Allowing people to express themselves, showing recognition to those who are important, and giving thanks to the ones who been supportive along the way; these along with hundreds of other reasons are why we do what we do. Whether an order consists of a single heirloom piece or it is made up of a few hundred stainless tumblers, each are equally important. This is due to the fulfillment felt the exact moment a client sees their completed piece for the first time. We have been privileged to work with many great people over the past few years and we look forward to helping you with any projects that you may have. 

Shane McAdams

Shane McAdams

Shane McAdams - Owner

From 2012 through 2014 Shane McAdams managed JWR Engravers, a sister store to JWR Jewelers also located here in Athens, GA. It was during this time he fine tuned his engraving craft. Shane grew up around the jewelry business as his grandmother worked at Foster’s Jewelers. Shane graduated in May 2014 from Piedmont College with a Bachelor's Degree in Business. When the opportunity arose to purchase the engraving business it was an easy decision.

Shane, his wife Kellee, & their two dogs live on the West side of Athens.

His hobbies include: UGA athletics, the great outdoors, & a good live concert.

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

Andrew has spent his professional career in retail in Athens, GA and has as strong background in technology. He has helped grow multiple businesses over the years. This allows him to be our company renaissance man.

Andrew, his wife Taylor, & their cats live on the East Side of Athens.

His hobbies include: Apple, Nintendo, & beards.